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Stuff I’m proud of

Monday, November 28th, 2011


First off, my daughter. She turned two recently, and she’s fabulous, she really is. I just wrote her a second-birthday love letter, a habit I’m trying to keep for both kids. I thought of posting it here, as I’ve done in the past, but it somehow feels too fragile and private, talking about how much I love my child out here in the odd echoing anonymous public of the internet. I suspect I’ve just fallen out of my previous habits of self-revelation, since I now write a blog entry approximately once every two months. Ah, well, perhaps the pendulum will swing back. Anyway. My daughter. The Bean. Two. Fabulous.
So I sew her things. It’s fun.



Monday, February 25th, 2008

Zag has crossed some kind of new cognitive threshold. We’ve been noticing him saying things that startle us with their complexity or thoughtfulness… I think I’ve already forgotten about half a dozen that I meant to remember. But for example, this morning, after stating that he wanted his lunch quesadilla to be plain,  he observed without prompting, “Plain and airplane are both same word!” (more…)


Friday, November 2nd, 2007


It’s here – the moment I’ve been waiting for. The moment when Zag’s art starts influencing my art. When I can start shamelessly adapting and stealing his designs, up until the point when he figures out what I’m up to and makes me stop.  He’s been drawing like crazy for the past few days – it’s great. We really like his stuff. (more…)

Work in Progress: Bible icon

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007


Just to keep up my creds as an artsy-craftsy type, here’s what I’m working on now. I’m submitting a digitized version of the piece to the Massachusetts Bible Society as a submission to their logo contest, on the theme, “One Book, Many Voices.”

Yes, I just posted two blog entries in a row. Yes, I posted two blog entries yesterday, too – but one of those was really from Monday. Apparently I’m reaching the stage of Tilt’s absence when I’m desperate to talk to someone, and my blog is becoming the outlet.

This is how over knitting I am.

Monday, July 9th, 2007


I was kinda into knitting for a while. I was even learning to do socks, and occasionally contemplating trying a sweater. Then, the winter Zag was zero, about a year and a half ago, it dawned on me that I could spend three or four hours knitting and make a really cute little baby winter hat, or I could spend fifteen or twenty minutes sewing on my very nice sewing machine and make a really cute little baby hat. I’ve sewn a lot since then, and knit very little.

I’m still keeping some particularly useful/precious/interesting yarns, in case the knitting bug comes around again (possibly after I’m finished having small children in the house?), and I still go peer at Knitty every now and then because it’s fun. But apparently I’m not sufficiently invested in the well-being of my yarn stash to prevent my two-year-old from having a really good time with it.

I did, however, eventually make him put on a diaper… no more bare-bottomed dubiously-potty-trained yarn fun…

Weekend sewing

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007


It’s been a gorgeous Saturday, here in Our Fair City. We had brunch with friends at the Full Moon, which has great decor, good food (only slightly overpriced), and a kid’s play area. We rounded that outing off with some time at the best local playground, then headed home for naptime. I spent Zag’s nap sewing frantically. I’ve been planning a sewing project all week, during occasional dull moments of my June term classes, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I probably worked on this thing for close to three hours straight, which is no doubt why I’m so exhausted now. (more…)

Dog play quilt

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

whiplash.gif I had a feeling the miniature quilt thing would come around in my head somehow, in spite of my initial lack of inspiration. I didn’t expect it to be quite this last-minute, though, I confess. I just spent the final hour and a quarter of my two-year-old son’s nap whipping up this doggie play quilt – which probalby just barely qualifies as a miniature quilt, loosely defined (it’s about 18 inches by 10 inches, and slightly machine-quilted…), so I’m sending it in to the Whiplash competition…. (hoping that another month I’ll manage something more planned and well-presented!) It’s meant as an airplane quiet play toy. Two little plastic dogs are sleeping in the dog beds (I have a third spare tucked away… maybe I should grab a fourth?).

Out of step

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Whipup is a terrific site that blogs links to interesting crafting and arts websites, and also runs a monthly crafting competition. Lately they’ve seemed low on ideas for the latter (and had a frustrating habit of not getting the month’s theme posted until rather far into the month…). Apparently seeking to remedy this situation, they recently held a vote to see what topics readers wanted. I voted for “craftivism – crafts for activism,” because it’s something I’d like to think about & see other folks’ ideas. I was also attracted by “everything for baby,” because I’ve made a lot of baby stuff, and by “crafting a fairy tale,” because that’s a very Weirdbird topic somehow….

As it turns out, craftivism and fairy tales were both popular with other readers, but not popular enough. The winner? Miniature quilts. By a significant margin – 166 out of 682 votes. Craftivism and fairy tales were the runners-up, at around 90 votes each. I hope that means those topics will come up in future months, because Miniature Quilting May is doing nothing for me.

I’m kind of fascinated by my complete lack of interest in miniature quilting, compared to its evident popularity. I’ve seen bits about it here & there, and this vote on Whipup suggests it’s a new crafting trend. I can see the appeal – they’re small, but with lots of scope for handwork, creativity, bringing in cool textiles and other materials. But somehow, I’m just not that interested. I like working with textiles, but mostly to make things that I (or someone else) can either wear, or carry a baby in. I could get interested in making a baby quilt, big enough to be usable but still small enough to be finishable….

Maybe I’ll change my tune. I have three weeks ahead of me with very little scheduled… perhaps boredom will inspire creativity and I’ll produce a miniature quilt, or a dozen. I’m not trying to be all “Hmph, I have to be different and disdain the popular craft,” here. I learned to knit when it was hip; I started making things from felted sweaters when it got hip; I’m making freezer paper stencils left and right, and that’s moderately hip. So maybe the subtle allure of doing the same thing as all the other girls will get to me. Right now, though, I’m just feeling bemused and, well, out of step…


Thursday, April 26th, 2007


I finally finished the icon of Rigoberta Menchu that I was making for my friend in exchange for some child care this semester. I still think I got the sweet end of the deal! – but she very graciously insists that she is happy with this barter arrangement. I had fun making this one – Rigoberta wears bright colors and lots of patterns, which was a challenge but interesting. (more…)

Work In Progress: Nursing Shirts

Friday, April 13th, 2007


It has been, as I believe I have mentioned, a busy week. And it’s not over yet; Sunday I preach twice and then lead an Adult Education session on the Anglican Communion. The pressure of impending deadlines has meant I haven’t had much time for non-school or -work related activities. Last night I had nothing pressing to do, and it was suddenly time to start the nursing shirts. I sketched out some designs for them in class a week ago; last night I cut out all the freezer paper stencils, ironed them on, and painted them. Sometimes it’s like I’ve been doing too much left-brain stuff, and my right brain just needs to take over for a while. (more…)