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Still here.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Seems like I should post something, but I don’t have a lot to say, really.

No baby yet; five more days till our due date. My to-do list at work still longer than I wish it was, and I have a cold. And Zag and I spent some time looking at his new-baby pictures after dinner, with the result that I’m feeling slightly freaked out about having a baby again. Not that there was anything particularly alarming in the pictures; he slept a lot & was a fairly cheerful guy when awake. I’m just feeling some amount of everything-was-fine-with-one-child, what-were-we-thinking panic.

But sometimes I’m really excited too….

I guess it’s a liminal phase – intrinsically unstable. And I have a cold. So I probably shouldn’t try to think about anything very hard.

Watch this space; we’ll post (eventually) when Bean arrives. And if Bean is two weeks late & I run out of things to do, hey, maybe I’ll get around to some blogging.


Friday, October 16th, 2009

I just need to say here, because I can’t say it safely anywhere else, that one of the hardest things so far about being a member of the clergy is that when someone says or emails something really cranky or insulting to me, I cannot either a) be cranky or insulting back, or b) call them out on talking to me that way.*

Because I’m their pastor.

* I think maybe, someday, I could do this. I’m sure some of strong women clergy I know would. But it feels like an advanced skill to me, something I’m not sure I dare undertake yet. And I’m certainly not going to try it for the first time on a member of the vestry…   Sigh.

* * *

Update: I’ve cooled down enough to realize that in today’s email, the person in question may have been trying for “understanding”, rather than “insulting,” but missed. I think I replied well, the person replied to me, we’re all good. But I’ve run up against this before & I’ll stick to what I said: so far, moments like these are some of the toughest of this job/vocation. Because I’m so aware of the way my role constrains me from responding the way I would if I were an ordinary private citizen in an ordinary mutual relationship.

I keep starting to frame this as a “What would Jesus do?” issue, but I’m not so sure. Jesus seems to have had a bit of a temper. Wonder what kind of emails he’d have fired off…

Tonight’s prayers

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Tilt says I should just start a separate blog for the wonderful things that come out during my nightly prayer time with Zag. Tonight went something like this.

WB: God, thank you for today… thank you for the beautiful weather and the beautiful trees… thank you for time to do stuff together. Bless our family and friends….

Z: Bless Andrew. And help him to know that I love him.

WB: (having heard about some Andrew issues lately) That’s a nice prayer. I’m glad that you love Andrew, even though you have a hard time together sometimes.

Z: Yes, I love him.

WB: God, help Zag and Andrew understand each other, and get to be better friends.

Z: God says, “I can’t wait to do that!”

I hope so, Zag. I hope that’s exactly what God is saying. :-)

My first funeral

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Wednesday was one of those liturgically surprising days that comes along once in a while, involving schlepping my alb (white robe – basic clergy wear…) to two different events, a funeral in the morning (white stole) and a celebration of new ministry at a nearby church in the evening (red stole).

This was my first time officiating at a funeral, and it came somewhat out of the blue. On Sunday, my boss handed me a slip of paper with a couple of names and phone numbers and said, “These folks need a graveside service on Wednesday morning. Can you take it?” He seemed to think I could handle it, so I did. I reviewed the Burial Office Sunday night, met with the family Monday morning, threw together an order of service and a short homily Tuesday morning, and found my way to the cemetery to do my thing on Wednesday.


Calling Mary Doria Russell…

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Zag is used to seeing me and Tilt practicing Godly Play stories at home on various occasions – kid-adapted versions of Bible stories, told using various kinds of small props. Today when I walked into the living room, arriving home from a diocesan event, he greeted me enthusiastically: “Guess what! I’m working on a story for church. It’s about the time when the holy Christians got in their rocket ship and flew to the moon.” (He showed me a cardboard paper towel tube, the rocket ship in question.)

WB: What did they do when they got there?

Zag: They put their telescope to their ears, and heard God’s voice!

WB: Wow. What did God say to them?

Zag: He said, Don’t be mean and don’t be selfish. Isn’t that good? Don’t be mean and don’t be selfish. (Peering intently at me) And they looked up right into God’s eyes.

I also love that he was really thinking about how to stage the story. He mentioned that he would need some sand to be the moon, and a patch of grass to be the ground before the rocket takes off.