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Unexpected poetry

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Zag came to the office with me this morning, partly because Tilt had a headache and partly because he really likes to, now & then. He was just helping me make a sample keepsake box for our Confirmation class. He asked what they would put in the box, and I said, things that remind them of times when they have felt close to God.

He replied: I felt close to God once. It was at the Lego table, and Daddy was putting away my Lego, and I felt close to God.

I asked, What did it feel like?

And he said,

It felt like the gentle strike of a sword.

It felt like the coldness of a penny.

It felt like a rope tied around me.

It felt like a spiderweb.

It felt like everything.

And Zag at 4.75 …

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Wow, it’s been quiet around here lately. On the blog, I mean – not in real life . Not sure where I’ve been. Sick (persistent cold), and trying to go to bed early-ish… and my work schedule’s been all weird, lots of Saturday work stuff… anyway. Here I am. Wanting to write a little about my son.

He found two sticks a couple of days ago on our way home from a walk, and announced that he wanted to make them into a cross. I tied them together for him yesterday afternoon, and he immediately announced that he wanted us to have a Peace Corner at our house like they do at his school, and we could use this cross instead of the Peace Rose. (I gather that, at his school, when you’ve had a fight with someone and want to make peace, you bring them the Peace Rose and then go into the Peace Corner together to talk it out and make up. Sounds great, doesn’t it?) I agreed that a Peace Corner sounded like a nice idea, though I’m not sure we have a corner to spare.

Then he started explaining the cross to me. He said that the four spaces defined by the arms of the cross were Life, Love, Water, and Ability. I asked him to explain Water and Ability. He said Ability was when your head and your heart are the same, so it’s like you’re thinking about yourself. And Water is because God created water. Makes sense to me. (more…)