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Thinking it over

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Hey, where is everybody? I’m blogging again! Look, lots of new posts! :-)

So the Bean and I took a walk this morning, she riding like a queen in her expensive stroller. (Embarrassed as I am about owning something as yuppie as a Bob stroller, it really is pretty damn nice.) And because, as usual, I cannot find my cell phone, I had to just think about things instead of calling and chatting with my mom. And I thought about the initial phone interview I have scheduled this afternoon with a parish a few hours’ drive from my parents. I’m not in love with it, but they seem nice and it has potential, and it will be good practice, if nothing else.

And then I started thinking about my trajectory of development as a pastor, and what I want and need from my next position. I feel like I’ve had reasonably good opportunities to grow and improve my skills and deepen my understanding in a lot of areas at St. Cosmus’ – as a preacher; as a liturgist; in the areas of Christian formation for kids, youth, and adults; as a collaborative leader sharing projects and responsibilities with the lay leadership of my parish. The biggest piece that’s been absent here, for me, is sustained meaningful engagement with outreach. (more…)


Friday, April 9th, 2010



I just listed these two fellows on Etsy. I finally finished Reginald, a doll I started over a year ago, and will list him too, but I need to take a few good photos first. He has fab 80s glasses I found at a yard sale.

It’s got to be two years since I had anything on Etsy. I never had much inventory, and I think I only ever sold one item to anyone other than my mom. (Not that mom purchases are unwelcome… just not quite the same as having an actual stranger want something I made.)

I can tell you in one word what got me motivated to make (and finish) some things specifically to sell: the iPad. (more…)

This, too, shall pass

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Zag has been deeply troubled lately by the ephemerality of so much in life. This started before the talk of moving began, though undoubtedly that feeds into it. He keeps wanting to take pictures of things, to preserve a memory. Of the Bean’s bouncy chair, lest we ever get rid of it. Of all his Easter candy, before he starts eating it. Last ┬ánight he woke up weeping about the fact that the pumpkin at his school is “going back to nature” and he never got to take a picture of its face.

So last night, for reasons best known to herself, the dog pooped all over the downstairs. (You can see where this is going already, can’t you?) (more…)

Too soon sad

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I love my job. This is a great parish, in a great community, and my boss is a wonderful mentor. *And* – this is one of those “both/ands” they taught us to look out for, at Hogwarts Divinity School, my seminary – I am starting to be able to imagine being ready to move on to the next thing. Probably being the priest in charge of a parish somewhat smaller than St. Cosmus’, where I work now. My contract at St. Cosmus’ runs through next summer, a little more than a year. I can leave sooner than that if I find the exact right job and it’s time to go. And it would definitely be nice to know where we’re headed next, no later than a year from now…

Soooo I’ve started putting out the first feelers, exploring jobs on the horizon. At least, I thought I was just putting out feelers. (more…)