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July roundup

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

1. I love my iPad, but it isn’t going to revolutionize my life as a blogger until I get some kind of keyboard for it. Typing with the onscreen keypad is just too slow and erratic. And I cannot just ignore the typos and keep going. Even in notes to myself.

2. My son is so much like me. He’s been in swim classes at the town pond, the past couple of weeks. I took him to class on my day off, last Monday. Before class and in the car, he was fretting about whether the teachers would make him put his face underwater, like they had the previous week. I tried to comfort and encourage him. Then we got to the pond and he went straight into the water and put his face under, a couple of times. I recognize that thought process: “Somebody is going to make me do something hard and I hate that, so I’m going to either avoid the situation, or take control of it and do the hard thing myself before soembody makes me.” We don’t like being bad at things, Zag and I…. including, irrationally enough, things we have never done before in our lives. I believe that Tilt is more at peace with being a learner, when occasion warrants, than I am. I hope some of that rubs off on our kids.

3. There is more death around these days than is quite comfortable. My church has had five funerals or memorials within three or four weeks – very, very unusual for us. No real pillars of the community, but one such pillar is in hospice care, so that’s on the horizon. And my boss’s daughter, a young mother in her late 20s, is really really sick. I have been giving serious thought to how to handle Sunday morning if she does not pull through. Phew. Dealing with death is part of this vocation, and a very important part, precisely because normal people do not usually have to deal with clusters of deaths or crises. Guess I’m on the steep part of the learning curve, here.

4. I’ve just been off work for nearly a week. It’s been terrific. Day trips, berry picking, playing and reading with Zag – I’m feeling much more in touch with him than I was a week ago. Holding my daughter while she falls asleep. Talking with my husband. Lots of sewing, and some very rewarding shopping. An eye exam and new glasses, ordered today. Bedroom rearranged and babyproofed. Yard sale accomplished and mostly cleaned up after. It’s been so good. Going back to work tomorrow will be really hard for a out 15 minutes, then I’ll remember that I love my job….

My new toy

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I’m typing this post on my brand spanking new iPad. My laptop has a wonky connection that renders it a desktop… So with help from various quarters, I am now the proud owner of a new and highly desirable mobile device. I love it. So does the Bean. She is much enamored of a program that simulates a pond with fish. She can splash in it. It makes her squeal.

Maybe this will mean a whole new era of more frequent blog posts, here at Weird Bird central. Maybe it will be easier for me to get around to posting stories and thoughts more often, on my cute little laptop device. They will have to be rather brief stories and thoughts, since the typing is rather more cumbersome than on an actual keyboard. Perhaps it will be a useful corruptive for my tendency to verbosity.

Let me see, what can I post now, to celebrate? I ran into a neighbor today who has a five year old relative visiting. The neighbor and said relative ran into Zag and Tilt today, out and about. Upon learning that the other child was also five, Zag remarked gravely, “Lots of people are five, at around this age.”