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Going public

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

So apparently it’s official. My new parish announced my name today – and I announced my new job, at my current parish. I signed a contract Friday and mailed it back to them for various people to sign there. I guess we’re really doing this.

I feel… exposed. Like a lot of people are thinking about me. Little old me, a recovering graduate student and mama who likes to sew and read and play castle-defense games on her iPad and who enjoys her day job as an Episcopal priest. I wonder if there’s some way to check how many people have Googled my name today? I wonder if I’d want to know?

At St. Cosmus’, my current parish, several people cried. Most of them were even adults. (more…)

Big steps

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

So: an overdue update on the job search business. I’ve been so caught up in the emotional energy of all of this that it’s been hard to find the space to sit down and write about it. Here’s the nutshell version. Parish B didn’t offer me the job. I spent 24 hours or so processing and mourning that, & realized pretty quickly that almost all of my grief was about not getting to live 90 minutes from my parents and back in my home territory. I could have been a good fit and done good work there, but Parish A was always a better fit. There are some real challenges in that situation, but I guess I’ll just have to grow up & face ‘em. So I called up Parish A and said yes. We are in the middle of working on the contract, figuring out how to buy a house, all of that… much chaos, panic and excitement. We’ll probably move over Christmas. Because that sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

OK, enough about all that. Let me tell you about my brilliant daughter.

She is such a delight. She makes Tilt and I both grin and giggle and shake our heads with wonder, all the time. I suppose we’re just at another big stage of the falling-in-love process, as her personality becomes more evident. She’s beautiful and funny and bright, and I carry the thought of her like a wonderful secret inside my chest all day, until I come home to watch her and play with her more. A favorite thing that’s coming to mind right now: the way she crinkles up her eyes and nose with a big grin when something’s really funny.

Her linguistic abilities are really taking off. She still can’t say a whole lot, but she’s adding signs rapidly and giving lots of evidence that she understands a lot. Just in the past couple of days, she’s started signing “Sleep” when she’s tired. Can you imagine? An 11-month-old who knows when she’s tired and asks to go to sleep? I’m not so great at that myself, at 35 years of age.

The other day I got out her baby xylophone – one of those things where you can whack the chime bars with something, or push keys that whack them for you. She crawled right past it to go get something else. I said something like, “Oh, no music right now?” She stopped, sat up, turned back to point at the xylophone, then crawled over to it and started playing with it.

She occasionally strings two words together. “More milk” (signed, not spoken) is one example. Yesterday, she and her daddy were talking about books. They were looking at a book together, and she was saying, “Buh! Buh!” Then she said, “Wouh wouh buh! Wouh wouh buh!” So they went and found Doggies – a favorite book at our house, which is full of dogs going “Woof! Woof!” (Prize, our dog, howls/sings along whenever we read the book.)

I think Zag is starting to enjoy her more, too. They can really play together now, in limited ways, as long as he’s able/willing to observe some limits – not grabbing things from her, resisting the temptation to occasionally thwack her on the head with things, not grabbing her and pulling her over (”I was hugging her!”). He’s apparently very good friends with a little girl at his school, one of the youngest ones there who is not quite 3. I choose to take this as a good sign for the future.

Lots of change and disruption ahead.  But we’re starting out from a pretty good place, I think. I hope that will help.

Choices and calls

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

A brief update: Parish B says they’ll let me know something on Friday – I think they’re seeing their third candidate early this week, then will think it all over, make a quick choice and run it by the vestry. Parish A is being exceedingly gracious about waiting until Saturday (or even longer, they say!) for an answer from me. I feel bad keeping them hanging, but it is nice to have the time to sit with it all, & even to think about other things & just see how it percolates along in the background. I’ve been visualizing us in either place, busy, happy, connected… I have my leaning about where I’ll say yes, if I end up with two job offers, but things may still change. I’m trying hard to keep my heart open and listen for any nudges from the Spirit, as these days roll by. Really we’re feeling astonishingly calm, considering…!

Let’s see if I can write a quick post in between peeling my daughter off the stairs. She peers around the newel post at me with a wicked grin… “Here I go again, Mama!”

Parish A called on Tuesday to invite me to become their next rector. Parish A is a wonderful, quirky little church with some big, but interesting, challenges. (more…)