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Banal creativity

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

So at work, I sometimes order stuff from a company that prints banners and other promotional materials. And this company is really insistant about giving me free magazine subscriptions when I place my orders. They don’t carry Mothering or Cricket or McSweeney’s or anything else I’d consider paying for, so thus far I’m getting Disney Family Fun (which I clicked on because my friend Sarah, not the type to fall for something just because it has Walt’s name on it, said it had some good ideas in it sometimes), and Martha Stewart Living. It’s a little embarrassing having them pile up in my mailbox at work – I’m the *rector*, for Pete’s sake. But only the parish administrator sees them. Amusingly, they don’t have my name on them – they have the parish treasurer’s name, because her name is on the church debit card. She is an amazing human being, and decidedly not the Martha Stewart Living type.

Anyway. I picked up a new pile today, including the Halloween issue of Disney Family Fun. Naturally, it has a feature article on clever Halloween costumes. And one is featured on the front – a little girl dressed up as a paper doll. See? So cute.


But wait. A paper doll costume. So… she could be dressed up as anything that anyone modestly competent could draw with markers on posterboard. And they go for… a blue dress? With a hair bow and a purse? Seriously?

She could be dressed like a wizard. A Valkyrie. An Egyptian queen. An aviatrix. A toreador. Come on. Markers on posterboard – the sky is the limit. And … a blue dress?

I can’t help wondering if this is more than a lame magazine cover. If this isn’t something about…. limiting little girls’ dreams, their imaginations, their aspirations. “I could look tidy and cute in a puffy blue dress!”

Whatcha think? What would *you* draw for that little girl?