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Thursday, January 5th, 2012

We are wrapping up a visit with my parents and brother – drove here on Monday, heading out tomorrow, Friday. It’s been lovely. We have read to and played with Zag and the Bean, and built blanket forts, and constructed a ghost pirate shop, and gone shopping, and played with our clearance Zhu Zhu Pets, which are strange and ridiculous. We have cooked, ordered, and eaten fabulous food – Thai take-out, adobo salmon, gingerbread, goat-cheese jalapeno grits, Dutch spiced marzipan cake. We looked at all of these, on our respective Apple devices, and laughed about them. We talked about sewing. We read this poem out loud to each other. We talked about Biblical interpretation, and romance, and liturgy. Tilt consulted with my mother extensively on design for a flyer for a workshop she’s planning. We went to see the Tintin movie in 3D, which involved wearing wonderful dorky black glasses. Right now a discussion of public opinion and religious belief is circling around me. Life is good.