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$5 or under stuff I love, #1

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


School starts again tomorrow for Zag – a change that affects the whole household. Morning scrambles to get Zag and me out the door to work & school, then some degree of peace and quiet for Tilt and the Bean (though the pup will add a certain X factor to that, but he’s settling down, slowly, to a better pleasantness/troublesomeness ratio). The past couple of weeks have felt a bit frenetic, squeezing the last drops out of summer. Today the kids have been in each other’s hair all morning – helping the parents avoid any unnecessary sentimentality about breaking up the team by sending Zag back to school.

The upshot is that I haven’t completed many thoughts lately. I had a good one in the shower the other day, but frankly it’s too serious and I just haven’t been in the mood to type it up. I want to keep up occasional blog entries, but I don’t always have much to say. So I’m giving myself permission to start a new category of post: Stuff I own & love that cost me $5 or less. Mostly thrift store & garage sale scores, but now and then perhaps a genuine retail find. This may be interesting only to me, but I have to say, if there were a blog or a tumblr completely on this theme, I’d probably follow avidly. Assuming the other people on it had good taste. By which I mean, my taste. (Isn’t that always what we mean?) I figure it will always be fun and easy to take a few pictures of something around my house that I love, run ‘em through Instagram so they look classy, and write about it a little bit, so this will be an easy way to keep myself in the habit of tossing off a blog entry now & then, in between times when I actually have something to say or ask or ponder. (more…)