Living it up in K-town


Would-be readers of my partner blog Always Another Windmill will have noted that our Tilt’s temporary exile in Kampala, Uganda, has not resulted in more blog posts. This is because his social life in Kampala this week has been much more active than it normally is at home in Our Fair City. One night he was invited home for dinner with someone he works with, but mostly he’s been helling around with our old friend MK.

Tilt and I spent about five months in Uganda in early 2002, while I was working on my dissertation research. I’d spent three weeks there on an exploratory trip, the previous August. I met MK more or less my first day there. He’s on the administrative staff at an institution I visited, so it might have vaguely been his responsibility to make sure I was in the right place and had all the information I needed, but he took it upon himself to befriend, inform, and entertain me. He showed me around Kampala, introduced me to friends, answered my endless questions and asked quite a few of his own. We became good friends, and when I came back with Tilt five months later, they hit it off immediately as well.

Tilt’s been back to Uganda a few times for work – is this the third time, love? – but this is the first time we’ve managed to get in touch with friends before he left. On previous trips, he’s worked late and spent the evenings in his hotel room watching downloaded TV shows on his laptop. This time he’s been out almost every night so far – I think tonight he finally had a quiet evening to pick up some veggies at Nakasero Market (shown above, in somoene else’s picture… our Uganda trip was just before we went digital, sadly… must scan those negatives someday) and cook in his kitchenette.

He’s living long, full, interesting days, and he says he’s tired – hasn’t really recovered from the long trip over there – but he also sounds happier than on other trips. And it’s more interesting for me to hear about his trip with these personal connections – updates on MK and another mutual friend who just had a baby, plans to visit more old haunts and another old friend this weekend.

It sure sounds like fun. Maybe next time Zag and I will come along.

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