On costume


Zag and I read catalogs together sometimes. I got a catalog from some company called Costume Express recently, and we were looking through it and discussing the costumes this morning. When we came to the one pictured above, Zag gazed at it for a moment, then remarked, “That person fall down shark.” Yeah.

I am struck by how many of the costumes apparently intended for little boys and young men involve looking fierce, strong, creepy, or scary, and how many of the costumes clearly intended for little girls and young women involve looking cute, pretty, or sexy. Sigh. A large number of the girly costumes don’t even really have a theme or referent – they’re just called “Gold Diva,” “Pink Diva,” whatever. I guess diva-dom is big these days. And then there’s the Pink Mummy Fairy costume. Pink Mummy Fairy? If a little kid came up with that on his or her own, I would think it was the cutest damn thing, but from a costume company it just sounds like their idea people aren’t getting enough sleep. Or maybe they fell down a shark?

On the other hand, it’s actually kind of a cute costume, not too revealing, and the little girl isn’t wearing (much) makeup. I take it all back. Pink Mummy Fairies, all the way.

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