Work in Progress: Bible icon


Just to keep up my creds as an artsy-craftsy type, here’s what I’m working on now. I’m submitting a digitized version of the piece to the Massachusetts Bible Society as a submission to their logo contest, on the theme, “One Book, Many Voices.”

Yes, I just posted two blog entries in a row. Yes, I posted two blog entries yesterday, too – but one of those was really from Monday. Apparently I’m reaching the stage of Tilt’s absence when I’m desperate to talk to someone, and my blog is becoming the outlet.

4 Responses to “Work in Progress: Bible icon”

  1. Baba Yaga Says:

    WB, this logo is simply amazing. I am stunned.

  2. Vea Says:

    oooooo-i like it! A LOT. And if you need another outlet, email me. :)

  3. Zag's Godfather Says:

    Wonderful! Very creative my friend. Perhaps you can give us a little icon writing workshop in October as our shrine wall is not yet popping, and we can’t really have you visit without one ;)


  4. Gabe Says:

    OMG! Can I buy it?! Can I scan it and make a print?! Anything! Must have!! I could sell copies to all my buddies at GTS!

    I don’t know if you get this, but I will tell you what I have known for a long time, Bird: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. I hope you’re aware that this is hardly some little side hobby. IMHO, this is a major component of your call. From GOD. No pressure or anything.

    There. Don’t say you weren’t warned! ;)

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