Our Tilt is home – got here around 11:30am yesterday. Zag, Prize, and I were all exceedingly happy to see him. We had a nice quiet afternoon together. He’s off work for a few days now – post-travel leave to recover from jet lag & reconnect with life. It feels awfully good to have him home.

And it’s not a moment too soon. Zag is running around naked – got out of his jammies, & now refuses to get dressed – and he found his little toy tape measure, and is happily measuring his penis. A mother just can’t cope with these situations.

2 Responses to “Reunited.”

  1. Jim Says:

    Is Zag reading email already? Do you need to get him a better spam filter?

  2. Zag's Godfather Says:

    You can’t blame this one on me – I only taught him to moisturize!

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