Odds and ends

Busy, busy times. I keep thinking of things I’d like to blog about, and then not having the time to follow through with the train of thought enough to create a complete blog post, let alone to sit down and write a complete blog post. It finally occurred to me to learn from my friend BC and just post a numbered list, so I can unload all these random bits of thoughts and move on.

1. I’m so ready to wean. I never thought this day would come, but I’ve been ready for a couple of months now. He doesn’t really  need it anymore – he’s a big, strong, healthy guy, and we’ve developed other ways to be close and cuddly, which is important. For the past few months, when he’s nursing, he pokes and pinches me constantly. I keep telling him to stop, and he agrees to stop – “Sowwy, Mama!” – but it’s like he doesn’t really have voluntary control over it. He also sucks so damn hard now that it really hurts sometimes. It’s time to be done with this wonderful, precious, finished phase of our relationship. He only nurses in the morning and at nap now – we’ll start working on cutting out the morning session soon…

2. I finally read the last Harry Potter book. It was OK. I haven’t read the whole series straight through – I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder about Harry Potter, because there are so many books in the same genre that I adore and that have been around for decades without getting on Oprah. Feh. Anyway, I read the penultimate Harry Potter book earlier this summer, and came away wondering why anyone would like Harry – he seemed so cranky and self-absorbed. I liked him better in the last book, and I mostly enjoyed how Rowling wrapped it all up. When I read the final little coda, for a moment I thought, how terribly dull! – and then I thought, but that’s what I want, that’s what most people want: a peaceful life, the opportunity to raise our children and enjoy our friends. Boring, yes, and utterly blessed.

3. I’ve been volunteering a few hours here and there at a local thrift shop, just to learn about how they’re run. Note to self: If I’m ever involved with running a thrift shop, make sure the volunteer coordinator isn’t insane.

4.  Zag is a puppy much of the time these days. He barks and talks in a high voice, and calls us Mama Puppy and Daddy Puppy. We like this because his puppy persona is much more amiable than his own Zag personality. For example, Zag may refuse to get dressed, but the puppy will often consent to put on some clean fur.

5 . Zag is also working hard on the social graces. He’s very interested in making conversation. He says, “See you later, alligator!” and also, “How you doin, alligator?” He remarks, “Nice day outside.” The other day we were out shopping, and encountered a mama and a little girl around Zag’s age. Zag ran right up to the little girl and said, “How you doin, Pretty Eyes?” The little girl ran off to her mama, who didn’t seem amused, even though I assured her that I don’t teach  my son to address strange women that way. Tilt points out that strangers tell Zag that he has pretty eyes all the time, so it probably seems perfectly natural to him. I’m seriously considering adopting, “How you doin, alligator?” or, in safe situations, “How you doin, Pretty Eyes?”, as my standard modes of address.

I think that’s everything. It’ll have to do, for now. Zag woke up from his nap between points 3 and 4, in a very snuggly and Mama-oriented mood. I snuggled him for a while, then tried to leave him with Tilt to finish this post. Zag followed me into my office, and stood around snivelling in his play area in here. When Tilt came to try to lure him off to some other activity, Zag told Tilt, quite articulately, that Tilt should go away to his office, and that the play area was Zag’s office, not Daddy’s office, remember? Oh. Right. Zag finally consented to go watch Tilt vacuum. Hmm, maybe I should join him….

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    Glad you’re surviving ok!

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