Don’t panic about the brain-eating amoebas

Apologies for the long silence. Busy, busy, busy at home – still not at all sure I’m going to survive this semester – and now we’re at my parents’ in Indiana for a few days, attending the Lotus World Music Festival. I’m enjoying some family time, and trying to relax and have fun, while also not falling behind in course reading, because there is NO POSSIBLE way I could catch up, if that were to happen. Sigh.

Have I bitched about this semester yet? I’m taking three classes plus an independent study (mostly just writing a paper on stuff I’ve already read, not too bad), plus GOE prep, which translates to 3 -5 extra hours of class time and some amount of extra reading and research over the course of the semester. And I’m doing Clinical Pastoral Education, which is sixteen hours a week, plus two nights a week as chaplain on call at the hospital where I’m training. No idea yet how often that will mean I have to go in to the hospital in the middle of the night. And, of course, I still have this two-year-old. Who’s been edging towards the terrible, the last week or so. Weirdbird may not have much time or energy for blogging, this fall.

Maybe I can just hop online now and then and put up links to things I like? We were sitting around in the living room a while ago showing each other YouTube videos. Here are a few favorites.

The Vindaloo song, and a video. Tilt discovered this during the last World Cup, and we just remembered it. Very catchy.

Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody? We love this. We got it a while ago on a free issue of Wholphin that we got with our McSweeney’s subscription. We love McSweeney’s. If we were less poor we’d subscribe to them all the time, and probably Wholphin too. We just found out this little clip is part of a movie – we’ll have to look it up.

The Brewmaster’s Tale – An impressive amount of work went into this. Some of my brother’s college buddies made this, and my brother himself makes a brief appearance as a voice actor.

On a non-video note, some genius named Shaenon Garrity has drawn a version of the classic Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” in the style of Edward Gorey, of whom I am a huge fan.

OK, time to get ready to go listen to more world music. I’ll post again when I’m able…

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  1. Vea Says:

    love, love, love Edward Gorey. Loved him since I was little and his artwork opened for Mystery! on PBS. That’s the only part of the show I watched. I still hum the title song… :)

    Hang in there with school and the “Zag the (Moving Into) Terrible”

    peace! :)

  2. Jamanda Says:

    Hey! We met at the playground last week and you suggested I check out your blog. I have! I’ve also blogged about the moral dilemma we faced with that woefully under-supervised little girl on my not-for-the-grandparents blog. You can offer your own perspective on it here, if you’re interested:

    Hope to see you again soon.

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