Stuff I’m proud of


First off, my daughter. She turned two recently, and she’s fabulous, she really is. I just wrote her a second-birthday love letter, a habit I’m trying to keep for both kids. I thought of posting it here, as I’ve done in the past, but it somehow feels too fragile and private, talking about how much I love my child out here in the odd echoing anonymous public of the internet. I suspect I’ve just fallen out of my previous habits of self-revelation, since I now write a blog entry approximately once every two months. Ah, well, perhaps the pendulum will swing back. Anyway. My daughter. The Bean. Two. Fabulous.
So I sew her things. It’s fun.

I pushed myself through some Christmas-related sewing and then it was like, yay! I can go back to sewing fun stuff for the Bean! I took a serger class at a local shop a couple of months ago, plus I’m just racking up experience using the thing, and I’m starting to figure out how to do stuff that puzzled me completely a few months or a year ago. I’ve been eyeing the big frilly pants at the Matilda Jane clothing design company for years, and two days ago I finally made a pair for the Bean. She’s wearing them in the picture above. It took, like, half an hour, and they look terrific. They’re brown velour, upcycled from thrift store lounge pants.

And I made a shirt. (See below, because I can’t get my Wordpress app to let me put the picture in the middle). Sometime this summer I stopped by a garage sale, which proved to be run by a young Dutch mother whose daughter was, tragically, about the same size as mine and thus not a source of amazing Dutch hand-me-downs. I scored some great socks and PJs that sort of mostly fit, and a few other non-clothing items. I also got an eyeful of the outfit the little girl was flitting about in: one of those floofy tulle petticoat skirts (brown? purple?), a knit shirt all-over printed with a forest scene (trees, deer, etc.), and cowboy boots. I want to dress like that, so I’ll settle for dressing my daughter like that. The skirt and boots are findable, but I haven’t spotted any forest-print shirts. So I finally made one – not the same, but satisfying nonetheless. The fawn is a storebought decal, which I like pretty well, though less than I thought I would. The rest of the images are freezer-paper stenciling. Sorry I’m not smart enough to get the picture turned sideways on my iPad.

I think I’m approaching that tipping point Ira Glass talks about. I’m starting to be able to make things that genuinely please me. This is exciting. Next big step: sewing for myself.

BTW, both these garments are loosely based on Ottobre patterns – too lazy to look up the names, but some simple leggings (the ruffle is improvised) and a raglan long-sleeved T pattern. I love Ottobre…


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  2. Sarah Says:

    I’m proud of you, too. And of the Bean — I can’t believe she’s TWO!! Whoosh. Time flies. My #2 is 11 months now!!

    LOVE the shirt. I’m excited for you and sad that you aren’t here, because I’ve started (ok, we’ve only met once) a monthly craft night with two other mommas (both of whom I met after you left–you’d love them). You are missed.

    Hugs to the fam.

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