$5 or under stuff I love, #1


School starts again tomorrow for Zag – a change that affects the whole household. Morning scrambles to get Zag and me out the door to work & school, then some degree of peace and quiet for Tilt and the Bean (though the pup will add a certain X factor to that, but he’s settling down, slowly, to a better pleasantness/troublesomeness ratio). The past couple of weeks have felt a bit frenetic, squeezing the last drops out of summer. Today the kids have been in each other’s hair all morning – helping the parents avoid any unnecessary sentimentality about breaking up the team by sending Zag back to school.

The upshot is that I haven’t completed many thoughts lately. I had a good one in the shower the other day, but frankly it’s too serious and I just haven’t been in the mood to type it up. I want to keep up occasional blog entries, but I don’t always have much to say. So I’m giving myself permission to start a new category of post: Stuff I own & love that cost me $5 or less. Mostly thrift store & garage sale scores, but now and then perhaps a genuine retail find. This may be interesting only to me, but I have to say, if there were a blog or a tumblr completely on this theme, I’d probably follow avidly. Assuming the other people on it had good taste. By which I mean, my taste. (Isn’t that always what we mean?) I figure it will always be fun and easy to take a few pictures of something around my house that I love, run ‘em through Instagram so they look classy, and write about it a little bit, so this will be an easy way to keep myself in the habit of tossing off a blog entry now & then, in between times when I actually have something to say or ask or ponder.

The photo at the top of this post is item number 1. We call it the Surfboard. I found it at a yard sale about six weeks ago, for $5, and grabbed it just in time to save it from some guy who wanted it for his boat. It’s too good for a boat. It’s a piece of Midcentury Modern wall art; it can hang either horizontally or vertically. We bought a wonderful big comfy sofa a few months ago, and needed something for the wall above it. The Surfboard proved to fit the space perfectly.


I’ve been working along on assembling an interesting assortment of objects and critters to sit on the shelf in front of the mirror. Many of these were made by me and/or Zag at the clay studio we attend, when we get the chance.


It has a secret compartment, under the shelf – see the little cutout? There’s a small oblong space in there. If the surfboard were hung vertically, you could stand something in it, but what? You could leave notes in it, but to whom? We haven’t pointed it out to Zag yet. We fear he would find it irresistible & constantly be hiding and finding things in it. He’ll enjoy it more when he notices it himself, anyway.

Speaking of Zag, here he is, lounging. Also speaking of Zag, the Bean is securely asleep and it’s time for me to give my big kid some time.


P. S. I typed most of this entry as I sang the Bean down for her nap. She has been a baby raccoon a lot lately. I just invented a magic song, to the tune of the old song “Brown Girl in the Ring,” which seems to be settling her down admirably. It goes:

There’s a raccoon in the woods, tra la la la (x3), and she’s looking for her tree.

There’s a raccoon in a tree, tra la la la (x3), and she’s looking for her hole.

There’s a raccoon in a hole, tra la la la (x3), and she’s looking for her mom (dad).

There’s a raccoon with her mom (dad), tra la la la (x3), and she’s snuggling down for a nap.

There’s a raccoon fast asleep, tra la la la (x3), shhh, shhhh, shhhh.

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  1. Linda Says:

    I love the phrase ‘Midcentury Modern’. Mostly because when I see it there is a little pause, then my brain says “Oh yeah, the stuff I grew up with”. Come to think of it, I’M Midcentury Modern!

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