Just sayin’

Things you can never, ever, ever say to your vestry/board/elders/whatever, as a woman in a leadership position:

“Hey there, guys, we’ve got some big stressful stuff to talk about and I’m a little worried that tomorrow night’s meeting may coincide with my monthly hormonal peak of feeling really emotional and overwhelmed and feeling like small problems are BIG problems and big problems are COMPLETELY INTRACTABLE AND HOPELESS. So maybe we should meet next week instead?”

Can’t say it. Just gotta bring some chocolate & take my chances.

3 Responses to “Just sayin’”

  1. Jen L. Says:

    I never even managed to say, “You know how you all love meeting right after worship which is right after the education hour, all of which is way too long for my baby to go without nursing, so you’ll have to wait 20 minutes because there’s no dignified way to nurse in a clergy shirt.”

  2. Mary Says:

    Of course the answer is to only have women on the vestry/board/elders etc!!!! (But STILL bring chocolate)

  3. Mary Says:

    Missing your blog – just sayin’

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